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Every post on this blog is categorized into only one category. Therefore, you can easily search through any of the categories to find articles within the same topic without seeing the same article in another topic. Even though some articles may cover more that one topic, only the best category has been chosen for each article.

Special Series

I have written on several subjects in a series format. Below are the top 15 series. You can find all the series by clicking here.

Steps to Becoming a Missionary – I am interested in being a missionary, what now?
✪ China & Bible Smuggling – Do we still need to smuggle Bibles into China?
✪ “We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” – Considering closed country issues.
✪ Undercover or Under-the-Covers – Being undercover in creative access countries.
✪ Survey Trip – Informative and practical posts about how to survey a city.
✪ Culture Shock – What it is and some ways to deal with it.
✪ Being on the Mission Field with a Kid – A help for parents.
✪ The Missions Conference Series – A practical guide.
✪ The Next Step – Thoughts about choosing what city to start your ministry.
✪ The Missionary Wife – A look at Biblical womanhood and practical ideas.
✪ Serpents and Doves –  Many misuse and mistranslate this verse to justify their own insecurities.
✪ Reasons Not to Go – There are tons of reasons that people “can’t” go to the mission field.
✪ Teamwork – I take three posts to consider teamwork.
✪ Right Thinking – Missionaries struggle with their thought life.
Raising a Bilingual Child – Encouragement for those with kids learning two languages.