你好!(Nǐ hǎo!)

Hello, my name is Mark and China Ministry is the name of my personal ministry and blog (formerly “China Ramblings! from the life and mind of a missionary”). I am a Christian, Husband, Father, Missionary, and Blogger. My family and I are on an amazing journey to give God the maximum glory with our lives. Our passion is Jesus and our desire is that the world will know Him as Lord!

My family and I serve as church-planting Missionaries to the country of China. This blog is an outflow of our life and ministry. I hope that it will help, encourage, exhort and edify those who read it.

If you are interested in China, missions or staying up-to-date with our family and ministry then this blog is for you! Not everything fits neatly into one of those topics but I hope you will stick around long enough to see what the Lord is doing in China and how He can use you!

I usually post a couple of times a week.

Top Post

Below are some of the top post from this blog. You can get access to all of my other post by going through the categories or series. Also, you can use the search feature in the top right-hand corner to find something specific.

Personal and Cultural Stories:
A Cold Scary Early Morning
Things that are Different
Learning to Speak Chinese

Missions Articles and Practical Advice:
China & Bible Smuggling
Thoughts from What Happened Sunday
“We’re Missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.”

Ministry and Family Updates:
Wesley Allen Wei
July 2012 Prayer Letter
Quoting a Two-Year Ol


If you would like to contact me you can send an email.

Blog History

When I started the blog, I didn’t know what I was doing so my scope was broad and “Ramblings!” seemed like a suitable title as I posted about whatever I wanted. My first few post were quotes by missionaries to China and what the blog was about. But my first real update was on August 22nd, 2008 entitled “Our First Month!

My goal at first was to post at least once a week. Then I tried to post several times a week. When we were raising funds, I even had a goal to write about every church that we visited (and I did). When we moved to China, I had a goal to post about five times a week, Monday-Friday. This is when I started to really write about things that I was experiencing and thinking through on the mission field.

As time passed, I narrowed my scope and focus down to several main categories that I liked to wrote about. But I needed to revamp and I needed a break. Thus, on May 21, 2012 I pressed the pause button.

I started to make changes to the blog to better fit my new focus. I went through all my old post deleting over 600 post that didn’t meet my new criteria. I changed the name to “China Ramblings!” and simplified its look and use. I also prepared new post and pages for the relaunch

On September 3rd, I relaunched the blog and started posting 2-3 times a week Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday.

Through my time blogging, I have been constantly reminded of the power and influence in writing and communicating through this means. In the future, I hope to continue to do so, Lord willing, and make a difference in the lives of those who read this blog.


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