China & Bible Smuggling (Bonus)

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Nothing like a bonus! If you missed the three part series on bible smuggling, you can click and read the following: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. For the most part, we have had a good response to this series and you can get involved in the comment section as well (Part 3).

As I have gathered some stats about the number of bibles in China, I realized that:

  • Millions of bibles are being legally printed in China every year.
  • Millions of bibles are being illegally printed in China every year.
  • Millions of bibles have been illegally smuggled into China.

One day we need to start adding. The number of bibles in China compared to the numbers of Christians doesn’t seem as low as many make it out to be, especially if you count bible per Christian family unit.

This bonus includes more than just my ramblings but a link to my teammate’s article covering four other areas to consider:

1. Is there no point at which we submit to the law of China?

2. You can raise support to do just about anything

3. Demand is not the same as need

4. Literature isn’t in as short supply as men are

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