February 2012 Prayer Letter

On February 4th our little baby girl was born healthy being about 8 lb. and 20 in. It is a blessing to hold, enjoy, and welcome this precious baby girl into our family. We praise the Lord for allowing us to have another child and allowing her to be healthy. We pray that we can raise her to serve the Lord God who gave her the breath to breathe and that she will bring HIM maximum glory with her life!

If you remember from last month, we had to make an emergency trip to China’s capital because my wife’s gallbladder attack and the possibility of complications with the pregnancy. After arriving, the decision was to fight the infection and do the surgery after the baby was born if there were no other complications. Now that the baby has been born we will be staying here for the rest of February, allowing my wife to have surgery to remove her gallbladder and recovery before we return to our home in the north-eastern part of the country.

As for our time here in Beijing, we have been able to visit and be encouraged by many other ministries in this city. We have met several missionaries, visited five different churches, and had the opportunity to give a testimony at two of those churches.

Also, I have been using some of the extra time to excel my bible reading in Chinese. I have now finished 21 of the 27 books from the New Testament.

We have much to be thankful for, excited about what the Lord has more for us to learn and experience here, as well as, eager to return and continue with our language studies and outreach back home.

Please pray with us over the following:

  • China Church Planting. Pray as these churches are being planted and for the remaining funds to be given (You can give online at www.projectchina.org or you can send donations to Project China, P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA, 30009, Note: “China Church Planting”).
  • Laborers. We would like to see God raise up 5 men or families to come and join us as we labour in these fields. We are asking God to raise up 3 Chinese men that will surrender to the ministry. Also, we are asking God for a man to help lead our Voice of the Villages Project reaching out into the villages.

In closing, let me thank those who were involved in the “Global Day of Prayer for the Chinese” and thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support! May Christ be glorified!

1 thought on “February 2012 Prayer Letter

  1. stephen McPherso

    Hey Mark greetings from Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, the Hampton Roads. I see many American Born Chinese (ABC’s) as wanting to stay in this country. Many immigrants loving this country too much. It is interesting here in the area that when Chinese resturants get rob they very seldom go to the police. Immigrant working there I am told.
    I will keep praying for your ministry and pray for me as I work part time and hope to pay 145.00 for a life line streening. I am 58 an was having a little heart pain hiopefully just a muscle pull.
    Congraluation on the birth of your 8 pound girl and praying for your wife. Do sound like your language studies are picking up. I teach in a Southern Baptist Chinese Church where many of my 11-12 year old Middle school kids are bilingual


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