Language Evaluation | Month 16-17

This update will be different from the usual evaluations because we stopped language study in the formal sense of language school etc. over the past two months. As we reported in the last update we had an emergency trip to another city and ended up staying there for two months.

Though we had this abrupt stop we still we able to increase our learning because, well, we were still in China. We used our language in everyday activities and attended local house churches. Also, I used much of the extra time to increase my Bible reading in Chinese. Let me give a short explanation of the increase:

I was already trying to read about 25 verses a day, which included taking notes and keeping track of all the new words I was looking up. I then decided to use some of my extra time and read 100 verses a day, continuing to take notes. After being displease with the slow process that I was using (already taking notes on 23 of the 27 books of the N.T.), I decided that I was comfortable enough to not take notes and write down all the new words but to simply look them up. This proved to be the right step for me as I was able to start reading 250 verses in about the same amount of time with better understanding.

The reason that it proved to work better for me at this stage is because I was simply reading faster (not taking notes) and more fluently with less interruptions! I could keep concentration, noticing a new word several times in a passage, thus remembering it and my mind didn’t have time to wonder or get bored.

Everyday was different, but reading the Bible did noticeably help my language skills all around.

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