Weekly Mind Dump

  • We had a great Sunday!
  • I was able to teach Sunday school again for the third week now and I am loving it! The majority of the people who visit are lost. We had two visitors Sunday who came and said the reason they were there was to learn about the Bible and who God was. Pray for their salvation.
  • Continue praying for my language abilities. I still have a long way to go and I desire to move from the survival stage to “making an impact” stage!
  • We re-arranged the auditorium on Saturday and now can fit 70+ people in there.
  • My wonderful wife and is feeling much better and recovery has been good. She has tons more energy now that she had the surgery. We can now see this has been a problem for some time now (since arriving in China). Continue to pray for her full recovery form the surgery and pregnancy.
  • I was able to give the gospel to a professor at the English corner last week. She also visit our church this past Sunday. Pray for her salvation.
  • Pray for language studies this week.
  • Pray for two families that are working in this city that are having medical problems and will be in the hospital today and/or this week.
  • We visited one of the new church plants across the river on Sunday night. I hope to start visiting there more regularly. They had a good crowd of 20+ with first time visitors.
  • My girls are doing great and growing so quick. Continue to remember them in prayer for safety, health, and salvation.
  • God has been good to me!

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