Weekly Mind Dump

  • God is doing great things here in China. Revival in our family, language, and ministry. I love serving God!
  • The comfortable christian life can be more of a danger to the church than the persecuted christian life. One cleanses while the other stagnates.
  • Sadly, some have mastered the skill of using the Bible as an illustration book to preach the doctrine of moralism. As I prepare my lessons, I want to teach Jesus.
  • Excited to be in a growing ministry. The church is using all the rooms now…including the kitchen for space!
  • An American atheist and Chinese atheist have a different disposition. They both mock God, but the first is at war with God and the second is ignorant of God (maybe more on this one later).

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mind Dump

  1. Ben Banks

    Solid points. The New Atheists in America all seem to preach, “There is no God, and I hate Him.” I can also relate to the moralism, it’s the hallmark of ‘southern fried religion’ here. Love you guys.


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