Weekly Mind Dump

• Sunday was another great day. I loved teaching “Jesus the Lamb of God”. I pray as the weeks go by my students will understand and believe the Gospel. Please pray with me.

• I took a trip with my co-laborer to another city on Sunday night to spend Monday surveying it. It was an exciting and informative trip (more later).

• We took a sleeper train, last time being in 2006, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

• We were the only white people in the train station.

• We are making plans for later this year and ask you pray for the Lord’s leading, guidance, and direction in our lives.

• Don’t wear boots to survey a city.

• Sam’s club is in China!

• A few weeks ago someone from the church told another church member that the Chinese equivalent of the FBI is watching our church (hopefully we are proclaiming loud enough for them to hear the Gospel).

• I bought 20 bibles recently for $4.50 each. No one took down my name or followed me after I bought them. It was legal and easy to do.

• I was carrying a bag of ten Bibles when a lady in my complex asked me about them. She was a Christian and wanted to know if we had a church in our home.

• We are recoding the services now on the digital video camera a church bought for us on deputation. Some of the church members are going to post it online.

• Sorry for the lack of consistency in posting, I am trying to work on a new blogging rhythm that works with my schedule.

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