Weekly Mind Dump

• I had a good time with my in-laws last week. They were in for about a week. They were able to meet their new granddaughter and spend time with the family.

• Jesus is alive!

• I had a great Easter yesterday visiting two churches. Our oldest was sick, so the family didn’t get to go :(.

• We enjoyed an Easter lunch yesterday with our co-laborers and the two interns! Thanks ladies for cooking!

• Made some important decisions this week. Exciting news coming out in our next prayer letter.

• Recently Read: “From the Ground Up: New Testament Foundations for the 21st-Century Church” by John Scott Horrell. This book re-examines the basics of the church and compares it to the modern day church, thus challenging many misconceptions. It left me with mixed feelings. Good for discussion. I wanted more. Good read for church planters/pastors.

• Recently Read: “Redefining Home” by Carrie Anne Hudson. This is a book just released and written by a missionary wife in China. Her stories about adapting to the culture are almost identical to things we have experienced. I recommend reading this if you are (or going to be) a missionary wife to China or you want to know what life is like for a missionary wife living in China in today’s world.

• Past Post: “We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | A series about dealing with “fear” as a missionary to China.

• Quotes: “God does not intend to tell us which one of several good options is his plan for us.” & “God has given us means by which we can have confidence that our lives are occupied with works that glorify him.” (Source: God’s Glory in China Blog)

• China just celebrated a holiday where they visit the graves of their dead ancestors, burn paper representations of money and “stuff” to somehow send it to their deceased family. It’s hard to see the multiple fires as you drive down the road without getting burdened. What reality are your living in?

• Because of the willingness of our co-laborers to leave the comforts of America and move to China (about 5 years ago) carrying the gospel, there were three churches celebrating the empty tomb and the risen Savior yesterday! Contrast that with the above statement.

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