Weekly Mind Dump

• We had a S.S. activity this past week at the house. Had a good group of guys come out and participate! Also, enjoyed teaching on Sunday.

• I had a new teacher this past week and I was able to witness to her for about half of the class time. She said she met another guy who was a pastor like me, but he told her that it was a “secret” and not to tell others (ridiculous). She didn’t know why Jesus came. That “pastor” should be ashamed. I asked about another guy that goes to my school that is a missionary here, she said she didn’t know he was a Christian, but surprised when I said he was a Christian because he asked her about going to the bars. That is why this post says all missionaries aren’t the same.

• I also learned a lot from her about being the “unwanted girl” that seems to be a common thing in China. A lot of Chinese families want boys! Thus when the child is born and they discover it is a girl, they are extremely sad. This girl said her mom just cried for days.

• We are coming back to the states for a short furlough December 2012 – February 2013. If you are interested in having us in, let me know!

• Project China has four blogs that you might be interested in: this one of course, an amazing journey, the gospel in china, and planted by the rivers of water.

• Grace: One of the new church plants had an exciting Sunday. Four guys were baptized and they did the Lord’s supper together.

• Past Post: Culture Shock | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | “Culture shock comes and goes. It effects some more than others. The important thing to know is that it happens and it can be overcome!”

• Family: Since being in China, I have learned the importance of being more willing to fail as a missionary than being willing to fail as a husband and father.

• Missionary life is a life of continual self-denial. You have to die to comforts, family, and stuff on a daily basis or you will become bitter and absorbed in self-pity.

• Thank you for following and praying for our family!

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