Weekly Mind Dump

• My parents left China last Thursday. We had a great time and we were excited that we got to spend a little time with them and introduce them to our new life here in China!

• This is the year of visitors! We are excited to be having a Pastor from SC and a few from his church coming to visit. Pray for their trip! They arrive on Saturday morning.

• As visitors have been experiencing Chinese culture, I have found myself explaining some things: If you play by the rules in China, you will loose. Thus, breaking the rules in China is playing by the rules. Being rude in China, is not being rude. “Not caring” is a way of life. (Note: from an American perspective and in the right context.)

• People always ask about crime in China. I see very little crime. I do see drunk guys getting into scuffles and men beating up awomen. Those are pretty common.

• Three factors that affect a Chinese person’s decision process (in the context of crime): 1) Morals are different (lower standard) they don’t see the same things that we do as wrong. 2) Punishments are worse; needed to control the masses. 3) Involvement, people don’t want to be associated with the problem, thus it is easy to ignore a fowl situation.

• On the “gotta-loose-a-bunch-of-weight-before-i-go-back-to-america” diet.

• To “not be like the world” you don’t watch what they do and then do the opposite, just look to Christ and do what He does!

• Chinglish sign of the week: “Be Careful of Landslide” found on the back of the bathroom door in our hotel room.

• Past Post: A Dangerous Undercurrent – Mobilize NOW! | “I currently am led to believe there is a unofficial open door to spread the gospel and plant churches in China. We must mobilize and use this opportunity NOW!”

• Thank you for following our family as we serve in China. We are constantly amazed the Lord would use us to bring the Gospel to this land. Thank you for praying and partnering with us!

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