Weekly Mind Dump

• We have the pastor and a group visiting from New Life Baptist Church in South Carolina. We are excited about them being here and what God is doing in their lives!

• I enjoyed translating for them in Sunday school.

• I organized an activity on Saturday night, using our English speaking visitors as a drawing card, and it was excited to have 60 some people come out and participate. They were able to talk to many and invite them to church the following morning.

• Unfortunately, even though I organized the activity, I wasn’t about to participate because we had to return to the airport to pick up the group’s luggage. The group arrived around 11:45 AM but their luggage didn’t arrive until 7:15 PM…but at least it arrived (I wasn’t so lucky on my first trip to China)!

• Last week me and the family where out walking when a couple came up to me and basically asked me to come and teach the Bible in their home. We are planning on going this Thursday, so remember this in prayer!

• Recent thought: Missions is more of a call to DIE than it is a call to GO!

• Chinglish sign of the week: “Slip and fall down carefully” located on the stairs going up the sightseeing tower (Dragon Tower).

• Past Post: China & Bible Smuggling | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Bonus | “It is a sensitive subject because there seems to be two contradictory sides that are causing much confusion to “senders” as to what the real situation in China is.” | I hope this series can help clarify some of the confusion about Bible smuggling in China.

• Our Generation Camp (May 28-June 1) is almost here! If you haven’t signed up yet, check it out, it’s not too late!

• Recent Read: When it’s Time to Go: Preparing for the Mission Field as a Wife and Mother by Brandi Biesiadecki | Written by a missionary wife to missionary wives, I thought this book was excellent and transparent about the realities and hardships a missionary wife will face and how to overcome them (using the Word of God)! I would image this book would help any missionary wife before she goes to the field or within her first couple years on the field. Also, it is worth the read for us men to help understand what our wives may face when they go to the mission field as a wife and mother!

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