Weekly Mind Dump

• We had a great time with the group visiting from New Life Baptist Church in South Carolina. It was sad to see them leave on Saturday, but hopefully we will see them back in the future ;) Lord willing!

• Awesome Praise Report! The Bible study that I mention last Monday happened this past Thursday. I was planning on there being a man and his wife, but there ended up being six adults there. They all claimed to be saved, but are baby Christians with a hunger to grow. Many seem to know just enough to be saved and are wanting to know what the next steps are to grow! I will be meeting with them again on Thursday to study Baptism, Lord willing! Pray for them and me!

• Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife! She does so much behind the scenes that she doesn’t get credit for and is an incredible mother to our children. She truly works hard and has a desire to see our children serve the Lord as they grow older! Also, happy Mother’s day to my mother who did raise me to serve the Lord! Praise God for godly mothers!

• We had a great Mother’s day service at the church with a many first time visitors, children’s choir, and gifts for the mother’s in service. The Lord truly blessed!

• I am amazed at the response we have received for our upcoming furlough. If you are interested we still have some spots available. We would count it an honor to visit you and your church family. Contact me!

• Past Post: The 007 Perception vs. Reality | “We are still serving in unfavorable circumstances. We take necessary precautions but try not to let the 007 perception take over our lives.”

• Our season of visitors is over for awhile, though we are looking forward to a couple from our home church moving here for their six month internship at the beginning of next month. If you are interested in helping them, through prayer or financially, then contact me for more details. Also, if you are interested in a six month internship, email me!

• Consider your life! Will you join us in China? The work is great, the laborers are few. We need you.

• Our family is grateful to God for His daily blessings! We are undeserving. Grace.

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