Weekly Mind Dump

• Sunday School: We had several visitors in Sunday school because of the churches special day. Pray I will be able to make contact with some of them this week.

• Bible Study Update: Had another great time at the Bible Study this week. We study baptism and the Gospel more. It’s fun to give hungry people the bread of life! I am hoping that I will be able to get them connect to one of the churches here before we leave. Pray with me!

• Sunday at Omega was “South America Sunday”! The church had over 100 on Sunday morning. Tons of first time visitors.

• I had the privilege to preach the service at Grace on Sunday night! This was my first time preaching there and preaching a whole service.

• Furlough, furlough, furlough! Yes, we still have some spots available. Let me know if you would like us to come by, we are now scheduling!

• Past Post: Being on the Mission Field with a Kid | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | “Our blue-eyed, blonde hair, white skinned child sticks out of the crowd pretty easy. Of course we have the constant staring, pointing, head-turning, and nice comments from others …all things that we can deal with. But there are two extremes that we had to take into further consideration.”

• This week my oldest daughter ate “red rooster sauce” aka hot sauce thinking that is was ketchup. She then started screaming “where’s the water, where’s the water?!” lol

• My friend that is a police officer asked me on the phone if I was a missionary. This is the first time anyone has asked me directly if I was a missionary. I am not sure of his intentions. The word missionary has a bad connotation in China due to what they are taught in school, so I told him I was a Christian who believes in Jesus, the Bible and really likes to share the truth of God with other people.

• Thanks for praying for our family and following us as we follow the Lord here in China! May Christ be glorified!

• Question: What would you like to know more about in relation to missions in China?

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