Pause Button >>> Pressed!

Every once in a while things get pretty noisy around here (okay well maybe the noise never stops) and you just have to hit the pause button. Well I am hitting the pause button on the blog for a time. I have loved blogging and posting my unwanted opinion on the internet for all to read, but as of late, I haven’t had enough time to write about what I want to and put out quality content. Thus, I am pressing the pause button hoping to make things a little quieter around here so I can think more and focus on the things that need my attention. I still will be writing articles to post at a future date, so stay tuned because I am not going anywhere longterm.

I will still post prayer letters each month and our language study updates.

Be in prayer as we are pretty busy with bible studies, church ministries, language school and preparing to move to another city towards the end of the summer. This is an exciting time for our family and we hope that you will stay connected and pray for us.

Thank you and God bless!

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