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Well today was my last class as teacher of the International Bible Fellowship. It is a sad day. I’m thankful for what God has done by allowing me to start and work in the class. I know God is “wanting and waiting to do more” with the class and in the lives of those who attend. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve you in this way and thank you class for allowing me to teach you, may God richly bless you as we head towards China.

Here is a history of the class from a booklet I put together for the class:

Class History: Mark started the “Asian Bible Fellowship” in the Spring of 2006. The class first started off with just Mark and Jojo who Mark had been having Bible studies with at the time. Jojo soon got baptized there after.

We started outreach in China Town Atlanta and starting seeing more visitors. We were able to see two people saved that year and one baptized. The class was averaging 4 people for the year with a high day of 9!

The classes started to grow and we saw a lot of visitors in 2007. We had many activities, such as: Stone Mountain, Grill Outs, bowling, and many more. Micah joined us as the Assistant Teacher in November. We saw one salvation decision and two baptized. The class was averaging 8 people for the year with two high days of 10.

The class was expanding more than just Asians and so we voted to change the name to “International Bible Fellowship” starting in January 2008.

We had a great start off in 2008 seeing two people saved and two people baptized in the early part of the year. We broke our highest attendance also with 11 people. Mark announced his leaving for Deputation in the late Spring and Scott will join them in the fall to be the new teacher in January 2009. We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the rest of 2008 and what he will do in 2009 and beyond.

Outreach Summary:
-Spent hundred of hours visiting
-Passed out thousand of flyers and tracts
-Talked to tons of people
-Traveled North, South, East and West.

Our Goals for the class: “It is our goal that every Christian matures in the Word of God, strengthens their walk with God, gets involved in the work for God and bold in their witness about God.”

Mature in the Word of God
-Read your bible every day
-Be accountable in your bible reading
-Learn and apply the truths of God’s Word

Strengthen your walk with God
-Living in a relationship not a religion
-Being a Spirit-filled Believer
-Learning to Pray

Get involved in the work for God
-Disciple others
-Getting involved in a ministry
-Using your time, talents and treasure for God’s glory

Becomes bold in your witness about God
-Telling others Jesus is the Way
-Getting involved in Missions
-Taking the Gospel to World

About Us:
INTERNATIONAL – Because we are a multi racial class of various adult ages and life stages from all the different nations of the world.
BIBLE – Because we come together every Sunday morning at 9:30 to study the Bible and discover the truths of God’s Word, verse by verse, and how it applies to our lives.
FELLOWSHIP – Because we want to create a community of believers for fellowship and to encourage each other in the work of God.


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