February 2009 Prayer Letter

We are having a great time on deputation! The Lord has given us the privilege of being in so many good churches and the opportunity to preach in several pulpits. He has also been touching the hearts of His people to get behind our ministry through prayer and financial support. Praise God!

January in Review

  • The Lord has allowed us to preach and present our ministry in many churches. He has kept us safe as we have traveled, and He is raising our support as needed to go to China!
  • January was our first month of full-time deputation.
  • We were able to be in 12 churches total and attend 1 event.
  • 2 of our meetings were canceled due to snow/ice storm in OH.
  • We had 3 churches said they will take us on for financial support and many others showed a strong interest.
  • We travelled 2,599.4 miles within 3 states: GA, TN, & OH.
  • In between January and February, we were away from home for 18 nights in a row.

We will get to be home for about a week and a half before we have to leave again for our next big tour. We will be leaving the last week of this month and will not return home until the second week of April. So, we ask for your prayers as we will be traveling quite extensively in the near future.

The Lord is blessing this month and we have had a lot of great meetings. Sign up for our blog, www.projectchina.org/blog, where we post weekly updates about where we are and what we are doing.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayer and financial support!

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