Commissioning Service

Wow! We feel loved right about now! Last night was are commissioning service to be sent out of Vision Baptist Church as full time missionaries to the country of China and to go on deputation to raise the funds to do so. We will be going directly out of our church as our sending and mission’s agency.

What went on at a commissioning service?

  • Pastor Austin Gardner opened the service explaining what was going on and the responsibility of the Church to decide if they saw evidence of God’s hand on us and therefore they as a church voted to send us as their representatives to China.
  • They showed a video of testimonies from the IBF class and how we were able through the grace of God to impact their lives.
  • Chis Gardner and Tony Howeth preached two challenging and encouraging messages out of 2 Timothy and Ezekiel.
  • Then they had a time of prayer for my wife and I. The ladies gathered around her and layed hands on her and the men gathered around me and laid hands on me and they had a special time of prayer for us.
  • Pastor Gardner gave us a commissioning certificate on behalf of the church recognizing what was going on.
  • Finally the took up a very generous love offering for us.

Thank You Vision B.C. – We know you love us, care for us, pray for us, and will be the “church” to us. We are praying for you and know that God is going to do great and might things through Vision around the world.


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