8 Over Exaggerated Short-termers

Missions is an exciting places to be serving. Christians have taken missions trips all over the world. Not only that, but there are always certain people on the trips who make them “interesting.” If you have taken a short-term missions trip before see if you recognize any of these over exaggerated short-termers:

Over-Saved-Sammy: This guy is so excited to be going on a missions trip. Everything on the trip is a blessing. You know the guy in church who says “amen” in all the wrong places. Everything from a flat tire to luggage being lost, he finds a blessing in it all.

Over-Spiritual-Stacy: This lady has her nose high in the air thinking her spiritual status is way above the rest on the group. She is the one that from beginning to end is giving out all the spiritual jukes.

Over-Sized-Stan: Also know as too-tall. You most definitely are going to have problems with him fitting into third-world taxi cabs, but he will be a great asset for your basketball outreach.

Over-Weight-Will: This guy causes all the locals to stop and stare as they wonder how a person can be so BIG! No only that, but the small portions of rice and traditional food will not do, he must find the nearest McDonald’s at all cost.

Over-Serious-Stanford: He doesn’t leave room for fun and play. Everything is work. He didn’t go on this trip to see a bunch of tourist attractions, but he does plan on learning the language, starting a church, and evangelizing the country in a week.

Over-Safe-Stephanie: She has studied up on the country and has taken all the necessary precautions. She doesn’t drink the local water, doesn’t eat food that could have been made with the local water and fills her suitcase with bottled water from the USA.

Over-Silent-Sally: She is the silent one. You aren’t really sure if she is having the time of her life or if she is can’t wait to return home. You try to make awkward conversation, but she doesn’t make a peep. You abandon all communication efforts designating her as the group’s prayer warrior.

Over-Nervous-Nelly: He is nervous about the trip knowing that something will and must go wrong. He doubts the leader’s decision making skills. But because of his earlier years in the boy-scouts and watching Survivor, he is prepared for the worst.

These over exaggerated short-termers always make any short-term missions trip more interesting! Enjoy your trips this summer!

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