Language Evaluation | Month 19-21

This evaluation will cover the last three months of progress. My schedule hasn’t been the same each month so this will give a general idea of how things have improved.

1) Teaching. These past three months I had opportunities to use my Chinese in teaching. I taught in two different bible study groups as well as continue teaching my Sunday school class about every week. I am getting more comfortable at teaching the Bible in group settings and each time I teach I can see improvement (or what needs improvement). Also, I preached my first full church service at one of the new church plants.

2) Characters. I still have the same plan for learning characters as I did the last evaluation. My recognition of characters are slowly growing with time. As of now, I only use class time for learning characters (besides daily use such as texting and email).

3) Bible Reading. I finished reading through the New Testament for the first time in Chinese.

4) Language School. Part of the last three months I did language school and the other part I did not. I have now stopped formal language school in the mornings. This is not to say that I’m done learning or that I won’t continue more, but I have finished all the current material and in this season of life and our move to a new city in about a month, this is where I find myself.

5) Honestly Speaking. When starting to learn Chinese, in the back of my mind I asked myself, “can I really learn this language?” Months went by and I still wondered “can I really learn this language?” I can specifically remember having a small break-through around nine months that was “I am pretty sure I can learn this now!” Then I had another break-through around 17 months when I started teaching and from that point I knew I could learn this language with time and God’s grace!

I will no longer be writing these language evaluations monthly (not like they have been recently) but I will try to continue them where I think they will be beneficial to others as well as for accountability. Thank you for your prayers over the past 21 months!

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