July 2012 Prayer Letter

At the end of Sunday school I challenged my class to believe in Christ. I then encourage those whose are sure of their decision to believe in Christ to be baptized. After class was over, one of the college students came to me about the tension that was talking place in his life, his allegiance to the communist party and his allegiance to Christ.

The problem is that being part of the communist party you agree that “God doesn’t exist, nor do you have any faith.” This became a problem when this young man believed in Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

Now that he was understanding that baptism was him publicly professing to be a Christian and identifying with Christ, he was worried about the problems that could come from this and his current participation in the party. I challenged him with several scriptures about the gospel according to Christ and what Jesus says about counting the cost and following him. On the next Sunday morning, he said he was ready to be baptized! He had counted the cost and chose Christ over Communism! I had the privilege to baptize him that Sunday.

Also, it has been encouraging to see the family from the Bible study in our complex get involved in one of the new church plants. As we prepare for our move in just several weeks, we are trying to turn everything over or get those who we are working with connected to others so they will continue to be ministered too.

Concerning our move, we visited our new city for about a week and secured a new house for two years. We are excited about the opportunities in this new city and what the Lord has for us there. We have loved living and working in our current city and will miss it greatly.

Our upcoming furlough (Dec.-Feb.) is completely book, as of now, for regularly scheduled services (Wed. & Sun.). But there are two other opportunities that I want to mention, first, since our furlough is short I want to make available to meet with pastors over breakfast or lunch to present our ministry and get to know new faces. Second, I am scheduled to teach a module course at two Bible institutes and have one or two more spots available. If you are interested in either of these, please send me an email (this is the best way to schedule a meeting with our time zone being 12 hours ahead of EST).

God is working and the gospel is spreading in China. Why don’t you consider being a part of this movement of getting the gospel to those who have never heard?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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