The Next Step (1 of 6) “Where?”

When we came to China, I had a basic two-year plan: work with our friends in Northeast China for around two years as we learned the language and culture.

After those two years, I knew I wanted to start a church. I didn’t know if we would stay in that particular city (where we learned Chinese) or if we would move to a new city. The first step was intense language study. The next step is: “where?”

As my language abilities started to improve and I started to teach in Sunday school, I knew I was getting closer to that next step. I had prayed about it and left it at that. I loved the city and team we were working with.

Then the time came that I needed to prepare for the end of our two years. Our rent contract was going to expire, thus we needed to find a new place to live. Our visas were going to end the following month and I needed to know which school I should apply to (to give us new visas). Also, we had planned to take a short furlough at the end of language school before we started a church. So with all these things coming up, I needed to start thinking about our next step: “where?”

I knew this would be a major decision that would affect the family. Changing cities and deciding what city you want to start your ministry in is a struggle to say the least. As I was thinking and praying through this, I asked advice of others and wrote about a five-page document of my thoughts. Much of these posts will come from that document.

I hope that my journey of picking the city that we are now in will help those who are also trying to decided on that next step: “where?”

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