The Next Step (3 of 6) Assuredly Gathering

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The next step was that I looked to the Bible for an example of what others did and how some basic principles might be able to help. (I wasn’t looking for some mysterious calling in the scriptures or a code with the city name being spelled out. Nor was I trying to claim a verse.)

I turned to the book of Acts and found where Paul states: “assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them” (Acts 16:10).

“Them” in the verse was Macedonia and Paul in the context of the verse “assuredly gathered” that the vision given to him in verse 9 was the Lord’s guidance to go and preach the Gospel unto the people of Macedonia.

Though this seems extremely specific, it wasn’t. Macedonia had about six cities and most likely several small villages.[1] Where in this track of land was Paul to go?

Verse 12 tells us that Paul went “to Philippi, which is the chief city of that part of Macedonia”.

We could assume that Paul knew enough knowledge about the area that he could make the decision about where to go. It would seem that Paul used common sense, going to the “chief city” of the area.

Why a chief city? Most likely because it has the highest population of people and the most influence in the regions around the city. It is a strategic place for the gospel to start and then be spread from. Macedonia would end up being a huge part of Paul’s ministry.

Now, not to over-analyze the situation, pull out of the text what is not there, or alike our situation and life to that of the Apostle Paul (but looking as an example), I will simply sum up with: Paul gathered from the events in his life that the Lord was calling them to go to a specific yet general area to preach the gospel to the people there.

So with this example in mind, here are two thought about our situation:

First, I am confident that the Lord has given me the desire to serve Him in a full-time capacity, as a preacher/pastor/bishop/missionary of the gospel. Though the location may change many times throughout my lifetime, I am foremost called to serve in this position more than a place. Meaning, my desire is to serve in the ministry no matter where I am.

Second, I have gathered that China is the specific part of the general area in which I am to live and minister at this time. As for which “chief city,” we like Paul must choose.

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