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Since moving to China we have primarily lived in one city (living in another city for two months as my wife gave birth to our child) and we have grown fond of that city.

Upon arriving in this city, my co-laborer shared his vision of seeing the Northeast (dōngběi) part of the country reached with the gospel and even more specifically four chief cities (Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin, Changchun).

This part of China is heavily populated, has few laborers (at least ones that are boldly sharing the gospel and planting local churches) and has less favorable living conditions than other parts of the country (climate, cleanliness, construction, etc).

Through our partnership, I too have develop this desire to see this Northeast area reached with gospel!

Since this vision started to also become my vision, I needed to learn about this area. I wrote down some general stats and demographics about China’s Northeast (provinces, capital cities, major cities, people groups, population urbanization, rural areas, etc).

As part of a team strategy, we have four main cities that we are focusing on and praying that the Lord would raise men to go and start churches in these cities. We hope that from each of these chief cities that we will be able to reach the areas around them, thus reaching the Northeastern part of the country. At the same time, we also desire to see men raised up that will go to other parts of China and the World preaching the gospel!

Out of the four cities that we are focusing on in our team strategy, two of the cities have come to the forefront for our family.

City #1 we have lived in. It is the city where we learned about China. The city where we learned Chinese. The city where we learned to love Chinese people. It is a city where God is at work! A city we love!

City #2 is a city that I have visited once (at that time). I first heard about it from a pastor in the states. It is the city that keeps coming up somehow in our lives. We don’t know anyone from there and are unfamiliar with it. We don’t love it.

Next I made a chart to compare the two cities side-by-side. The chart is too long to include in this post but consisted of the pros and cons or all the important areas that we wanted to know about each city (population, growth, density, universities, weather, landscape, convenience, etc).

So we joined with our team’s vision, narrowed it down to two cities, gathered information about each and started comparing.

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