The Next Step (6 of 6) Decision Time

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By now my thoughts started to narrow down and here are a few of them:

  • The decision seems harder than maybe it should be.
  • I have grown to love City #1 and know they need more laborers.
  • I also love the possibility of reaching out in a new city with the gospel.
  • I am scared to leave friends and familiarity.
  • I am scared to step into the unknown and the unfamiliar.
  • Emotions at this point don’t help.
  • Even when we came to China on our survey trip, I didn’t get goosebumps of excitement about China.
  • It wasn’t until after I moved here and lived here that I loved here.
  • Both cities are great options.
  • Both cities could carry out the work of the Lord, that is, fulfilling the work in which He has called or given me the desire to do.

Knowing we had two good options, that the Lord allows us to choose and trusting that He is guiding our steps to make the right decisions, I made a decision.

After prayerful consideration, asking the Lord to guide as we consider all that is before us, in relation to my personal calling to ministry and China, our team strategy and my family, I have assuredly gather that we will move to City#2 to continue doing the work of the Lord and bring Him glory.

P.S. I could be wrong.

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