Selling Our Car in China

When we decided to move cities we also decided to sell our car. I decided this for a few reason:

  • The car wasn’t in my name but one of the Chinese pastors. When I bought the car, they didn’t know how to register it in a foreigner’s name. So I wanted to avoid this headache.
  • We could use the extra money for relocating.
  • I wanted to familiarize myself with our new city and it’s transportation system.
  • Having a car in China is not a necessity like it is in America (if in the city) but it is helpful.

We first got a car because of the harsh winters in our previous city. A car was almost a must for our family. We bought the car the week after a tear dropped from my daughter’s eye and turned into ice when it landed on her jacket! We were walking to get a taxi.

Anyways, selling our car was a different experience. We didn’t really know where to go to sell the car. A few people were called and we let them look at the car and they gave us a bid. Then I remembered near our house, on certain days, were people standing by the side of the road with signs saying they buy cars. So we decided to go find these people.

We drove there and stopped by the side of the road. They came up to the car windows and then the conversation began! They ask all the basic questions and looked at the car. Then they don’t want you to leave while they are talking about the price so they get in your car. Now everyone is arguing about the price, with people in the car, outside the car and all around.

I told them a final price and if they didn’t want it then I wanted to leave. But there where people in my car. So I told him we were leaving and he just stayed in the car. I drove off with him in the car! About 30 seconds down the road he said he would agree to the price.

After waiting for the other guys to come where we were, we drove to an office to change the title over, see if there where any unpaid tickets or taxes. They gave me the money in cash (made sure it wasn’t fake at the bank) and then we gave them the keys to the car.

I was amazed at how simple it was. It just took a few hours.

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