The Missionary Wife (1 of 8) Introduction

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I have a great respect for missionary wives. They leave the comforts of their home and everything familiar to them. They move to another part of the world that is completely foreign. They have to learn how to do their jobs as mom and wife in a new way, in a new culture and with new people. They have to learn to deny comforts and live with less. They deal with hardships and struggles more than most know about. One missionary wife puts it this way:

“Living overseas isn’t for the noble or the brave. It isn’t some life you pursue because you think it would be charming to tell people at a dinner party that you flew in from Hong Kong. Sometimes it feels like living overseas is reserved for the ill-equipped and foolish. It is a calling given to people who don’t mind being called an idiot for taking their children 8,000 miles away. It is for those people who have found God giving them secure moments of grace while the world is shouting promises of money and comfort.” [1]

I am sure there are plenty of joys, rewards and I-wouldn’t-trade-this-life-in-for-anything-else-moments. But while juggling all the complexities, hardships and adaptation a missionary wife can easily be distracted. I hope this series can help realign.

When I met my wife for the first time, she knew I wanted to be a missionary. I had no others plans. No backup plan. We married while I was still in the training stages and our life has never really been “normal” since then.

As I have watched and talked with my wife, I have learned from her. I learned from her struggles and her strength in the Lord during those times. She has been down in the valley before and has come out on the mountaintop.

The things that I have learned from her, the examples of other godly missionary wives, from reading scripture and a few books, I want to share in the upcoming post.

Series: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

2 thoughts on “The Missionary Wife (1 of 8) Introduction

  1. Eva

    I enjoy receiving your letters. I am currently serving with my husband in colorado in a spanish church. He is an assistant pastor. We have a Bible Institute and currently have 5 women preparing themselves to serve the Lord. I will be sharing your letters with them, Im sure they will be a blessing. Thank you and we are praying for you.


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