The Missionary Wife (4 of 8) The Pyramid Philosophy

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As I was studying this I realized that much of what we just summaries in the last post can fit into our philosophy of discipleship. We have four different levels called: Be, Do, Serve, Train. We usually draw a triangle noting the four levels starting at the bottom and working our way to the top. So let’s start at the bottom:

The “Be” level (Private) – This level is “who” the missionary wife real is. It can’t be faked because it is just between her and God. It starts with understanding and believing the gospel. It is then rooted in the gospel and her understanding of who she is in Christ. It flourishes into her character and affects all the other levels. It isn’t about her outward appearance but her inner character.

One Pastor’s wife puts it this way: “Who you are as a woman of God is more important than what you do as a wife.” [1]

The “Do” level (Personal) – This level is where a missionary wife understands her biblical role as wife, mother, homemaker and does those things that are characteristic of a Christian wife/mother/woman. These are her first and primary duties and it should not be neglected by the next level.

The “Serve” Level (Public) – This level is how the missionary wife serves her community and how she is involved in the ministry. Since different people have different gifts and abilities, this level will look different for each person. It should include the basics that all Christians are told to do, such as, spreading the gospel, discipling and good works.

The “Train” Level (Priority) – This level encourages a missionary wife to teach other wives also. On the field a missionary wife can invite people into her busy life of being a wife, mother and home keeper so that others can see a living example of a Christian wife. Older women in the church need to be teaching the younger woman. An older woman has experience (practical and in the Word) and she has time to invest in others (her children are usually grown and moved out). She needs to reproduce herself.

There you have it, a missionary wife needs to Be, Do, Serve and Train.

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