The Missionary Wife (5 of 8) The Calling

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The previous three post were foundational. They focused on Biblical womanhood and what a Christian wife, mother, woman looks like according to scripture. Now, I want to take this foundation and apply it to a missionary wife in some practical ways. Hopefully, answering in part: “How does one live this out on the mission field?”

As I already stated, the previous truths we studied are foundational. Meaning they aren’t going to change with place or position. A missionary wife’s roles as wife and mother do not change nor are they triumphed by the role of missionary.

The name “missionary wife” simply means “the wife of a missionary”. Having the title of “missionary wife” or can make one think that she is the “assistant pastor” to her husband. It sounds like a position in ministry, when it is really her position as wife.

She doesn’t need any special “call” to the mission field. When my wife and I married, she didn’t have a “call to missions” but she was “willing to go”. She was willing to follow me where ever I decided to go. She was and is willing to follow me as I follow the Lord.

“I never felt that God had called me to marry a pastor, but I knew God had brought my husband and me together. God is sovereign, and when He called my husband to pastor, I was a part of the package, and my calling was a part of his calling.” [1]

I know many young woman surrender to the mission field as a single person. They want to take the gospel to a foreign land. I think this is good and dangerous.

I think it is good because women should be involved in reaching the world with the gospel. (In my opinion, it is best that she goes to the mission field, long term, only if she doesn’t plan to marry. Then she can focus on being involved in evangelism, discipleship and good works.)

I think it is dangerous because women can get emotionally attached to a decision or place. Many times these woman will marry and try to get their husbands to follow “her” desire to the mission field. This shouldn’t be so. Once a woman marries, her vows to the Lord can be made void by her husband (Numbers 30:13; 3-15).

I also think it is dangerous because it can set unrealistic expectations for the “ministry” of a woman. When I say “missionary” I am usually referring to a “church planting missionary”. Obviously, a woman cannot fulfill this position.

There are some areas that a “missionary wife” differs than that of a “Christian Wife” but not in relation to ministry.

A missionary wife would be expected to do the following…

  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Adapt to a foreign culture.
  • Leave friends and family.
  • Live in a foreign country

…but she shouldn’t be expected to do more than a normal Christian woman is expected to do in relation to ministry. She might have more “opportunities” and she should take advantage of these opportunities but it is not required because she is the wife of a missionary. This is not a position in the ministry any more than that of every Christian woman.

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2 thoughts on “The Missionary Wife (5 of 8) The Calling

  1. Andrea Velasquez

    I have enjoyed reading your series on the Missionary Wife. You are “spot on” on your analysis of what a missionary wife goes through. I have been a missionary wife for 30 years and I praise the Lord for allowing me to serve Him all these years. I am also a missionary kid, so was a little more prepared for becoming a missionary wife than others. But it does require adjustments. However, the joy and rewards are so great as you see how God can use you to not only raise godly children on the mission field, but also to be able to serve alongside your husband. Now that my children are grown I can dedicate more time to discipleship, teaching women, helping in every area possible, but I encourage all missionary wives to not get discouraged. It does get easier as the years go by. Thanks for your insightful articles and keep them coming.


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