The Missionary Wife (6 of 8) Missionary Life

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A missionary wife from the beginning has a not-so-normal life. The beginning stages of missionary life can be some of the hardest. One missionary wife wrote:

“Your first term will most likely have the hardest obstacles to hurdle, but if you can hurdle them, you’ll find that you can make it.” [1]

Culture shock, depression, stress and hardships are all part of a missionary’s first years. Everyone doesn’t experience these in the same degree but you will most likely experience them.

“What seems most dominant, however, is that it is more common to go through a hard time, rather than to simply always love it.” [2]

It is in these times that a missionary wife needs the most help and encouragement from her husband.

I know, at times, I failed in this area. I failed to see the burden my wife was carrying. She was trying to balance all the adaptations of living in a foreign place while taking care of me and our children.

Life is hard because you are giving up a life that you love to live a life that you don’t love (at first). Most missionary wives’ don’t hate their lives before going to the mission field. It isn’t seen as an upgrade in society. You are leaving everything that you like (friends, family and even your culture) and dying to it. You are trying to make friends with strangers and live in a culture that may be unappealing. It is hard.

“Consider what might be ahead of you, don’t think it strange when you experience hard times or find that you don’t like your new life as a missionary. Hard times are inevitable. How you deal with it is what matters.” [3]

Know these hard times are coming and prepare by remembering the following:

  • Let your husband know where you are, how you feel and what he can do to help you.
  • Keep a strong relationship with the Lord. Stay focused on His promises.
  • Think on the right things. Don’t be thinking about the sacrifice you made to be there, the family and fiends you left behind or pity yourself. Take those thoughts captive.
  • Have a mentor or friend you can talk with, that you can be open with or another missionary wife.
  • Don’t be afraid to get counseling. You and your husband can call your pastor or missions director and get help.
  • Make new friends on the field. You need these new relationships. All your old ones are dead no matter how long you hold on to them.
  • Take a break from things that hinder you or cause you to think wrongly. This could be social media, television, movies, computer or talking to people on the phone.
  • Die to yourself and everything in your life. Take up your cross. Follow Jesus.

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