Doctrine (1 of 4) Christianity in China

Living in China and researching Christianity here, you will discover there are just as many variations of Christianity here as anywhere in the world.

Some try to show that the Chinese church is unified unlike any other part of the world. They wrongly think that this helps show a strong case for Christianity here.

Others choose to work with existing government or house churches. They are unaware of the differences or they don’t care about them.

As a young Baptist from an independent church, this is a concern for me. I came to China to start churches that I believe, according to the Bible, are doctrinally sound.

Living in today’s China and there being so many forms of Christianity (in the small percent that claim to be Christian), I want to take a few post to help clarify where we, as Baptist, may differ from some of the Christianity that you find in China.

Not all of it is bad. Neither is all of it good. Too many groups are reporting or working with groups that wouldn’t agree with their doctrinal statement.

In the next several post, I hope this will:

  • Bring some light to the situation.
  • Encourage the right relationships and overcome petty issues.
  • Challenge us to stay true to scripture and not give in for the sake of unity.
  • Show the need for doctrinally sound church planters.

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