Chinese BBQ

I am a bit of a foodie. I like food. I like trying new foods. So living in a place like China, I get to constantly do just that.

Some of the best food in China is Chinese BBQ. Basically, it is meat (lamb, pork, beef, chicken) on a skewer cook over hot coals.

The seasoning can take some time to get used to since they cover it with tons of seasoning. Sorry, no American BBQ sauce.

Another thing they do is put chunks of fat between the meat.

They usually cook these on the sidewalk, so the smell draws you in.

There are two ways that you usually see people enjoying this. The first way is they simply go to a restaurant and order it. The restaurants cooks it and then brings it to you or they bring it raw and you can cook it at the table yourself.

The second way is to have a “cookout”. This is popular in the summer. You see people huddled in circles off to the side somewhere, around a small grill made to cook these skewers. They usually sit on the ground or these really small chairs. I mean really small.

BBQ is a cheap, unhealthy and delicious way to enjoy Chinese food!

If you are really out going you can also order a fish, silk worms or one of the live birds in the cage to be put on the grill.

I’ll stick with the skewers of meat (and silk worms).

One tip they give you, though not all say or do this, is to eat raw garlic with it. Why? To kill the little bugs in the meat!

I learned to like garlic when eating Chinese BBQ!

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