Missionaries, Luxury & Living Reasonably

One of the things that I had to learn is to “live reasonably”. I think a lot of people go through this stage in life. There is a point where you will have more money than before. It is at that point, what you decide to do, will greatly impact your future and how you handle your finances.

Some people will immediately spend it. Some people will put it in the bank and not touch it. Some will upgrade their life style. Some will give it away. Some will pay off debt while others will ignore their debt and buy the latest thing they want.

Money, finances and budgeting is a problem for people across all ages and life stages.

For a missionary, finances are very tight when they start deputation and then towards the end they are doing very well. This isn’t true for all, but those who learn how to raise support and work hard at it, will or have found this to be true.

A missionary can actually have more money than he knows what to do with. This is scary thought if that missionary doesn’t educate himself on how to handle his finances. He can recklessly use missions support or he can wisely use what has been given him. I am sure I have done both.

I was able to glean from my mentors, some businessmen in our church and listened to countless hours of Dave Ramsey while driving on deputation.

This post isn’t a “how to” or “what to do” series. It is a single post with a single exhortation for us missionaries to “live reasonably”.

Missionaries, don’t be carless, uneducated about or reckless with your money. Think about it, plan it and use it!

Missionaries can be spoiled. Especially those who live above their means just for the sake of luxury.

On the mission field, you can live above or below the lifestyle you are used to. Each field is different. Cost aren’t the same. We can’t compare. But each of us can ask ourselves, “Do we need a place that big or expensive?,” “Do I really need something that nice or expensive?,” “Just because we can, does that mean we should?”

Missionaries can live nice comfortable lives. We can buy things to make our lives more efficient and convenient. But we shouldn’t preach “wartime living” in America and live the life of luxury on the other side of the world. I just want us missionaries to see the line of reason.

Our position and way of income should humble us to live “reasonably”.

Our call and mission should cause us to live “reasonably”.

Live reasonably.

2 thoughts on “Missionaries, Luxury & Living Reasonably

  1. Tom Schreeder

    Left out most important factor in decision making. At what point is my life style going to hinder my ministry? Bad judgement at this point can result in our buidling walls instead of bridges.


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