Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Wow! God gave me a glimpse Sunday of what He wants to do in this city. We had two guys come to the bible study at our house. One was already a Christian and said he is willing to help us start a church. The other guy wasn’t a Christian but believed and confessed Jesus after the bible study! Praise Jesus!

✪ On Thursday, I went on campus with a Bible and tracts looking for someone interested in studying the bible. My thinking was “a white guy with nothing but a bible should draw attention by someone who knows what I am carrying!” Right before I left, the Lord blessed and I met a guy who was interested. He is the guy mentioned above that is willingly to help us.

✪ A taxi driver this week told me he was a Christian. I asked him why he was a Christian and he said “because my parents are.” Christianity in the form of religion is here but what China needs it the truth proclaimed!

✪ On Tuesday, my university had an opening ceremony. They asked me to read the English translation of the presentation. Is it wrong that I “mis-read” the law about religious activity on campus? Somehow it came out the we “must” instead of “must not”!

✪ Our team is growing! We have prayed for God to give us 5 men who would join Project China in taking the gospel to China. We have one family that is finishing raising their support and another family that will start raising their support soon. It is exciting to see these prayers answered!

✪ Exciting things are happening with our missions board, Vision Baptist Missions. This past week they approved three new missionary families going to: China, India and Burkina Faso!

✪ Video: Living in a coastal city you get the benefit of things like seafood. Here is a video of a vendor at a park on the beach making sushi rolls (music provided by the local vendors).

✪ We are on a 10 days of  “real food” pledge. Basically, you only eat food that hasn’t been refined or food without preservatives and artificial sweeteners. It really has been refreshing! I am loving all the homemade meals my wife is making!

✪ Past Post: My Thoughts on the Gospel-Void – “Where is there less of a chance to hear the gospel?”

✪ We started asking God for five families, two are on their way, that leaves three more we are begging God for. Will you consider your life? Will your surrender and come to China? Come to the OG Summit this year and learn more about how you can get involved in China!

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