Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Wow! Again! I am humbled by the opportunity that God is giving us to serve Him in China. On Sunday we had bible study at our house again. This week we added in singing. What a blessing to worship our Lord with Chinese believers in this city!

✪ We had one first time visitor on Sunday (note: at this point in the game, just about everyone is a first time visitor).

✪ Video: Temple March in Harbin, China. Pray that the Buddhist community will be reached with the gospel!

✪ A couple of months ago, we had one of our scariest moments in China. I was walking with my family in front of the mall when a man came running and yelling so LOUD that it actually hurt our ears. He was mad about something and wanted to beat me up. We tried to ignore him and walk away. The Lord protected us and he didn’t follow.

✪ Missions thought: The last year of deputation and your first year on the field is like the difference between a playground and a battlefield.

✪ Video: Austin Gardner explains the story behind the Our Generation Summit.

✪ Past Post: Three quick things to the Youth Pastors of America!

✪ We applied for our new visas this week. I was hoping to get a year visa for everyone in my family. But it looks like only me and the youngest got approved for one year. My wife and oldest daughter will only get three months. #visafun

✪ My wife is doing a great job homeschooling our oldest daughter. It is neat to see her memorizing bible verses and everything else she is learning at a young age.

✪ I have yet to meet or hear of another foreigner doing ministry in our city using Chinese. There are others here using English to reach out but how limited their reach is. Will you pray that God will send more laborers willing to learn the language to reach all!

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