Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Wow! Again! Again! We are starting to meet many new people and are able to present them with the gospel! Sunday we baptized one (at the beach in front of everyone there).

✪ I am excited about “top of the funnel Fridays”. This past week we held an English corner at our house. I went to a new nearby university and passed out a handful of flyers. Two people called and one came from the flyers.

✪ My oldest daughter was memorizing my phone number recently. It caused me to remember when I started language school I was doing the same things she is doing now as a four-year old. Language Learning is a humbling experience.

✪ My class chose me as the “class leader” (bānzhǎng). I voted for the 60-year-old Japanese guy that sits next to me. My class has people from Japan, Korea, Russia and some others. The university has students from over 50 countries studying there.

✪ Video: Each week I am trying to post short clips from my travels around China to help you see what China is like. Check out this Sunset and 2 Ocean views.

✪ Since the new iPhone was recently release let me recommend an awesome app for Chinese learners called Pleco. I used it everyday, it is incredible. The OCR, pasteboard reader and dictionaries come in very handy.

✪ I re-added the option to leave comments on the blog. So if you want to agree, disagree or leave a word of encouragement, feel free to do so.

✪ Video: Why Did We Choose ‘Witness’ as the Theme for this Year’s Summit?

✪ My oldest daughter extremely excited tells me: “Mom said an amazing prayer…she prayed that when I ate my food it would make me STRONG!” I think she thinks she will have super powers now.

✪ I am already planning and thinking about more than I can do by myself to reach out to the community here. Will you, young man, pray about giving at least six moths to serve in China?

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