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✪ Today, October 1st, is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. This means vacation! Everyone is out of school and many off work. We are hoping to take a couple days to visit a neighboring city and relax.

✪ Video: It seems to be a common thing in the North East of China for the employees to dance before work starts.

✪ Studied the bible with a few guys on the mountain side this week and then looked at two apartments to rent (for meeting space). #Pray

✪ I ate in the Chinese cafeteria and spent time in the dorms this week meeting some new guys. Also delivered six bibles to them. #NoSmugglingNecessary

✪ I can’t really explain how excited I am! This week when we were looking for a place to rent I realized that we were walking on the same road that just weeks before I was walking on and begging God to do a work in this city (at that time I had no idea where I was).

✪ Being a part of my co-laborers ministry and seeing it modeled before my own eyes has helped me tremendously being here and getting started. I am eternally grateful for that opportunity.

✪ Past Post: The 3 Rules of China Missions – A few quick things to remember if working in China.

✪ As we are looking for a place to rent, let me re-introduce you to the “China Church Plating Fund”. This is a fund where 100% of the funds given will be used for planting churches in China. It most likely will cost us $3,000-$5,000 to rent a building for one year! You can give monthly to this fund or a one time gift to help out.

✪ I visited another bible study in town on Saturday evening. It was interesting. I passed for Chinese when I called for directions (10 language points). They even let me teach some at the end.

✪ Video: Why You Should Bring Your Young People to the Summit?

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