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✪ Video: What Makes the Summit Different than All Other Conferences?

✪ It was good to get out of the city for a couple of days during the Chinese holiday. We traveled about an hour outside of the city and found some interesting places and a nice place to rest.

✪ We had a good time Sunday at bible study. I am excited about getting going again this week. Everyone should be back in town from traveling.

✪ Past Post: Mission Strategies for Foreign Missionaries in China – Which strategy do you think is best?

✪ Video: An every day view of Harbin’s famous Central Street during the winter. Many locals and tourist visit this street every day. Pray that the millions on the streets of Harbin will be reached with and believe the gospel!

✪ We hope to plant a church in the next year. I am working on putting together some of the cost. It should be in our next prayer letter. Pray about getting involved.

✪ Project China has one starting a bible college, one starting a church, one starting language school and one starting deputation. Who is next? Who is starting their training to join our team in reaching China and the World with the gospel?

✪ With China’s great population, we need to look at China as “a continent with multiple countries” and plan accordingly. People groups, language, and culture are different in different parts of China.

✪ Did you know that China is the 18th largest muslim country in the world with around 23 million muslims. That is about as many as the population of Yemen which is 99% muslim being around 24 million.

✪ You have heard of the “Bible belt” but have you heard of the “Quran belt”? It is the part of China (Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai) that has the highest concentration of muslims. It is a hard place with the restrictions of the Chinese government and the strong hold of the muslim religion. Who will give their life to tell these souls about the Son of God, Jesus Christ?

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