Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We had a good bible study yesterday studying why we follow Jesus. We had one guy help lead us in two songs and another guy teach for five minutes from John 3:16.

✪ Traffic is starting to be a bigger problem than I imagined for people coming to our house on Sunday. We are hoping to find a place to rent soon that will fix this problem.

✪ Video: The following video stopped me in my foot tracks this week: Through the Lens: the Dalian Oil Spill

✪ I am wondering if a lot of theology problems in China come from an over emphasis on the Old Testament and an under emphasis on the New Testament.

✪ I am starting to discover a few small group bible studies in the city. Most that I have heard about or been to are under 20 people.

✪ Past Post: 3 “Kinds” of Churches – Learn the difference between these kinds of churches.

✪ One of the guys told me this week that he wants to work with me for the church! Amen! Pray the Lord continues to build this desire in him and others!

✪ Videos: A common way to travel around China is by train. The train stations are always packed with people. Staring out the window of the train you pass by hundreds of towns and villages that need the gospel. Who will go?

✪ I was encouraged to hear how the Lord is working through our friends in Egypt despite all the turmoil that is taking place! We serve a great and powerful God!

✪ Summit Video: Distinguishing Characteristics of Our Missions Emphasis

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