Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Summit Video: Why a Young Person should Consider the Summit

✪ We started reaching into two areas since being here. One area has had more fruit, so we have rented a building and will be focusing more of our efforts to cultivate in that part of town. The other area has potential and we will keep having outreach there, praying for more fruit.

✪ We had a busy week finding and renting a building, buying chairs, books, and other items needed.

✪ We used the new place for an English corner on Friday and a bible study on Sunday.

✪ Passed out flyers on the street, on campus and in the dorms on Friday evening.

✪ We are praying that we will be able to form a group to start a church from when we return next year after our furlough.

✪ Video: After visiting the sight-seeing tower, the quickest way down the mountain was to ride the luge or metal bobsled. It had breaks but at times I felt like I was going to go over the wall!

✪ Past Post: “An Interesting Series…” – Interesting finds, questions & considerations about China.

✪ I am looking forward to the intern family from Harbin coming to visit for three days this week.

✪ Thank you for praying and following our family! God bless!

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