Your Public Missionary Profile

Missionaries live in the public eye. More even so, we live in the public eye of the church. We visit churches to raise prayer and financial support as we travel to our fields. We make friends and partners in the ministry as we travel around. Because of this a missionary most likely will have a tribe of people or a following of people who are praying for them, supporting them financially and wants to stay in contact or up-to-date with them as they are on their journey to take the gospel to a foreign land.

This can be encouraging! But missionary can also soon find out that because of being in the public eye of the church, there can come much criticism about what they do, believe, watch, listen to or whatever someone might be against at the time.

So a missionary can have one of three reactions:

  • Learn to deal with it and act wisely with the opportunity you’re given.
  • Get mad and bitter at people and the church.
  • Act fake and super spiritual to meet the demands of others.

I think you should choose wisely to deal with the opportunity that you have been given.

You shouldn’t get made or bitter because people judge you for being in the spotlight. Maybe they shouldn’t judge you but it comes with the position and influence that your position carries.

A missionary is a person of influence and the more influence you have (or want to have) the less “rights” you have.

You also shouldn’t go the opposite route and become what you aren’t just to please others. There is no room for being fake or hypocritical. Be REAL but not offensive. Be you but willingly to deny yourself.

For example, a person who knows you on a social media website shouldn’t be surprised by how different you are if they met you in person. Your online profile should represent who you are in person and vice versa. (Note: If you hide your real life from online, it will eventually catch up with you).

Use your “public profile” to motivate, encourage and influence more people through being who you really are with a humble attitude and a servant’s heart.

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