The ATM!

People often wonder how our support gets to us. How does it get from the mission board to me, all the way over here in China.

It is a simple but complicated process…the ATM!

Using the ATM has become a way of life. Most places here you can’t use your credit or debit card. Therefore, our everyday spending and paying the bills is done in cash. Cash truly is king.

When we get our support, we start the process of getting out all the money we will need for that month using the ATM. Sounds easy enough, right?

It is simple. All you have to do is be the guy who makes everyone behind you mad because of the million withdraws that you are making.

Every ATM and bank has different limits. If you live overseas and use ATM’s you will find yourself starting to remembering where the ATMs are, how much can be withdrawn out of each one and which ones are too busy to even attempt using.

The exchange rate now is about RMB 6.2 to $1.00. So if you are wanted to withdraw $1,000 you really need to withdraw RMB 6,200. If you use the ATM by our house that would take seven withdrawals but on the sixth withdrawal the ATM ant-theft-locking system blocks your card from being used.

In the end you learn to acquire multiple ATM cards, ask your home bank to raise your daily withdraw limit and find the ATM’s with the highest limits and you can get your money out in a reasonable amount of time…but you will still be “the guy that takes forever.”

3 thoughts on “The ATM!

  1. NC

    I know exactly what you are talking about, brother. Been there, done that, trying to get back (not so we can do that, necessarily, but that will be part of what we do when we do get back). =) May our God richly, richly bless you, my brother, as you serve Him in the Middle Kingdom!

  2. Aaron Cavanaugh

    Not sure if it helps at all, but friends of ours had accounts in the States with Bank of America and that made it easy to withdraw from certain banks there.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks Aaron. Yes, we use BOA and it was free to withdrawal at certain banks here, but BOA recently changed policy and everyone gets charged now. :-(


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