Weekly Mind Dump

✪ The director of our mission board, Jeff Bush, made a great video explaining the purpose of Vision Baptist Missions and his goals for the future!

✪ We had a great week of meetings. We are working at seeing more people reached with the gospel. Attendance for the week: T-12 F-25 S-5

✪ China Videos: Journey with me through the streets of Beijing on a Bicycle Taxi and look at this great view from an overpass.

✪ I was amazed when I woke up on Thursday morning and received an email saying $2,500 was given towards the rent of our future church plant! We are at 33% of our goal. If you want to help out, give here.

✪ Summit Video: Why You as a Pastor Should Consider the Summit 2012

✪ Past Post: How Many Christians are there in China?

✪ We bought a box of 40 Chinese Bibles for 400RMB ($65) this week. Some friends working in another city in China are giving to buy box #2. If you want to help us buy a box, let me know!

✪ Also, we found a bookstore selling used bibles. 5RMB ($0.80) for the small ones and 10RMB ($1.60) for the bigger ones. They had about 100.

✪ I am hearing of a few “M.K.s” coming back to China to serve full-time. This is exciting since Chinese is so hard to learn and they already know it. The gospel is on the move!

✪ This is an important week for both China and the USA. China appoints new leadership of the Communist Party and America holds it’s presidential election. Praying.

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