Weekly Mind Dump

✪ We only have 25 days until we return to the USA for a three-month furlough.

✪ Heard this past week that a church is letting us use a van during furlough. Praise the Lord!

✪ We had three first-time visitors on Tuesday. I asked them if they have ever been to church before and got three different answers: (1) Never. (2) No, but I have seen a Church building before. (3) Yes, my parents are Christians but I am not.

✪ Dreaming in Chinese… My wife said that I talk in my sleep but this past week I talked in English and Chinese and both made sense (10 language points)!

✪ I was excited when I heard the news of Kyle Shreve and his wife surrendering to go to Peru as missionaries. Check out the announcement video by David Gardner.

✪ Last week was the 18th Communist Party Congress where new leadership for the party was being decided. They don’t have the freedom to vote.

✪ I asked a waitress this week if she recognized a picture of the new leader. She didn’t know who he was at first, then said she saw his picture on TV but didn’t know his name. I ask what she thought about him and she said she didn’t know enough about him to give an answer. Many Chinese people are disconnected from the government.

✪ China Video: A few clips from the famous Chinese Acrobat show in Beijing, China.

✪ Past Post: “We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” – Considering closed country issues.

✪ I have learned that when you try to do right, people are going to mock you… keep doing right.

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