Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Friday was my last class at the university until we return next year! I had the opportunity to speak to my class, so I read Matthew 1:18-21 and explained the gospel for about ten minutes in Chinese.

✪ We had two good thanksgiving meals. Thursday, we went to a family’s house that we recently met and invited us over. Friday, we went to a banquet for expats in the city, that another acquaintance organized. Good food, good times.

✪ 11 days before we are back in the USA for our three-month furlough. We will leave our city in 8 days and visit Beijing for a few days before we head back.

✪ I am starting to explore Chinese Social Media. They have their own version of Facebook and Twitter since both are blocked in China and can’t be accessed without a VPN.

✪ It is encouraging to see how open many of the Chinese are about their faith online. They openly declare their faith, post bible verses and upload pictures from church etc.

✪ China Videos: Hong Kong was one of the coolest places I have ever visited. Here is a video over looking the city during the day and night. Also, we were surprised to discover this full size model of Noah’s Ark!

✪ Past Post: Undercover or Under-the-Covers – Being undercover in creative access countries.

✪ Just found this app of the Chinese Bible for the iPhone. Works great, very simple and it is free.

✪ Found out yesterday that a Chinese missionary (recently moved to our city) who is a family member of someone we are working with is part of Eastern Lightning. This is a horrible cult that believes Jesus already returned as a normal 30-year old woman and is in hiding. Also, he wrote a third testament aka they don’t believe the Bible.

✪ Please pray for those influenced by him already. Many here are young in the faith and know that what He says isn’t right but don’t know how to defend themselves yet. We leave very soon, so it is going to be a busy week.

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