Weekly Mind Dump

✪ 4 days until we return to the U.S. for our three-month furlough.

✪ Concerning the cult, I read a book they gave me and then taught some of the people from bible study why it was wrong. One brought a cult member when I was supposed to be teaching them why it was wrong, and she just wanted to argue the whole time. Didn’t go very well.

✪ Pray for one of the women we were working with. She is related to a member of the cult and is having a hard time choosing.

✪ We had a special Christmas Party as part of our weekly English Corner Outreach on Friday. We had about 29 people come out. We gave out Bibles as a free Christmas gift and presented the reason for Christmas.

✪ Friday through Sunday we had a Chinese pastor and his family from a city up north stay with us. They helped with our Friday outreach and He preached at our Bible study on Sunday. It was a blessing to have them here for the weekend!

✪ I am already excited about returning next year and planting our first church in China. In the past few months we have been able to lay some ground work: (1) Find a strategic location. (2) Build a list of contacts. (3) Mobilize a man to help us start the work.

✪ We are seeking interns to come and help us in the work. Young men and women, pray about spending 6 weeks or 6 months in China during 2013.

✪ China Video: Thousands of people visit this Buddhist Temple every year. They are worshipping a false god and need to hear the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ! Who will go? Who will take the gospel that they might know the one true living God?

✪ Past Post: The 007 Perception vs. Reality – Are 007 agents following you around everywhere you go?

✪ Pray for us, it is going to be a busy week! Traveling starts on Tuesday.

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