Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Wednesday, we had a great meeting at Buckeye Baptist Church in Middletown, OH. I enjoyed preaching and was encouraged by the church and pastor. Also, I am thankful for my family that came out.

✪ Friday, we had a good time reuniting with many of our missionary friends who are on deputation or furlough. We are privilege to work with such a great team!

✪ Saturday, I enjoyed going on visitation with our home church and spending time with one of the Training Center Students.

✪ Sunday morning, we had an encouraging meeting at Lake Pointe Baptist Church in Cumming, GA. We were humbled by how many from the church stayed up-to-date with and prayed for our ministry and family over the past two years.

✪ Sunday evening, we had a great meeting at Newton Baptist Church in Covington, GA. I was privileged to preach for one of my mentors, Tony Howeth.

✪ We are thankful for our family and friends who are letting us stay at their houses while we are back during this short three-month furlough.

✪ China Video: Visiting the Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin, China is always very interesting, especially if you want to buy live animals to feed to the tigers!

✪ Past Post: What Happened on Sunday Morning – The police gave us a visit on a Sunday Morning.

✪ The last day of this month starts the Our Generation Summit! If you haven’t signed up, there still is time!

✪ Pray as I start teaching a week long course on “Persecution” at a bible institute in TN this week.

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