Weekly Mind Dump

✪ Being back in America for a short period means that are a lot of errands to run: paperwork, opening/closing accounts, paperwork, banks, storage units, paperwork, etc.

✪ As I was working on our finances this past week, I was encouraged to see that we had a total of four new churches that took us on for support in 2012! We had some other churches that increased their support and some had to decrease, but as a whole, our support was higher than last year! This is a huge benefit of partnering with several local churches.

✪ People often asked me how many churches have dropped us. According to my records we have only had four churches drop us since we started full-time in 2009.

✪ I recently watched and recommend the documentary, “Half Devil – Half Child” to all students of missions. It is exposes the unbiblical “Insider Movement” as propagated by Western missionaries in Bangladesh. It is sad to see how far we have come from Biblical Missions!

✪ China Video: A view of Harbin, China from an apartment window.

✪ Past Post: Is it protecting or excuse making? – Don’t blame it on the nationals.

✪ We were privileged to be able to attend the send off service for a family leaving for India on Tuesday. This is an answer to prayer!

✪ It has been nice to have a break from traveling and we are enjoying being at our home church.

✪ Everyone seems to be slowly recovering from their sicknesses. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray.

✪ “I feel that I cannot go on living unless I do something for China.” H.Taylor

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