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I have the privilege of working with a great team of missionaries all around the world. It is encouraging to keep in contact with them.

When I moved to China, we planned to work with a family who is also part of our larger missionary team. We had known each other for a while and we are from the same home town.

But many didn’t expect us to work together well. Why? Because we both can be hard-headed and strongly opinionated. This can be a recipe for disaster! Thankfully it wasn’t!

After working together closely for two years, I think we both believe that we were blessed by our partnership.

As I take three post to consider teamwork, let’s begin with the “why”.

Why Missionary Teams?

I think working in teams can benefit missionaries because:

  • You can get more done.
  • You can learn from those in different life stages.
  • You can be encouraged from someone who has been there.
  • You can teach the new and learn from the experienced.
  • You can brainstorm with those who are like-minded.
  • You can dream without being judged.
  • You can be understood by other missionaries.

A team done right can become like a family who is rallied around a common goal or purpose.

A team is about giving and taking. You will be benefited by it and should desire to benefit others.

Why missionary teams? Because you need someone who says “I got your back.”

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