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Choosing a team can be difficult. It is hard to find men you are willing to go into battle with.

A lot of people like the idea of teamwork but they have the wrong view of it. Therefore, the team idea doesn’t last long and they simply become acquaintances.

So how exactly do you choose a team?

Here is what I have discovered:

(1) Find those who have common ground as you. You don’t have to do everything exactly the same but having the same doctrine and philosophy of ministry is going to be important.

(2) There needs to be a defined leader. Teams can get messy and there needs to be that person that can stop the noise and get everyone back on track. This leader won’t abuse his influence and people aren’t afraid to submit to him.

(3) Look for those who are looking to invest and learn. Being a team player takes some sort of commitment. Avoid those who are just looking for a handout.

(4) Know that you have to choose them and they have to choose you. It is a two-way road.

Now let me put these intro perspective of us going to the field.

When we chose to work with the family we did while in language school, we went through the above process (as I was advised by others at the time).

Here is what it looked like:

  • We were of the same doctrine and philosophy of ministry. We had already worked in a team setting before.
  • I was willing to submit to him while working in his ministry. In return he treated me as an equal and never took advantage of that.
  • I was wanting someone who knew the language and could help me get started in China. In return, I wanted to be a blessing where I could.
  • During our survey trip, we both showed a willingness to work together.

After two years of working closely together, my family moved, advancing the gospel to a new city. We still consider ourself a team even though we don’t work in the same city. We hope that we can continue to do more together for the gospel!

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